Slave Trade

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Africa Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: April 25, 2013
julia harris
Professor Short
February 6, 2013
The Slave Trade
Nzing Mbemba, Willem Bosman, and Olaudah Equiano all gave three different points of views of the slave trade. Each point of view represented the cycle of the trade from; African King Mbemba who had his people taken by the Portuguese as slaves, Bosman was a chief agent, who transported the slaves, and lastly Equiano who actually was a slave. Each document was a primary source that gave its bias side of how and what was happening in the slave trade. Taking all sides of the slave trade through each point of view the documentation was very informative. Nzing Mbema, the leader of Congo a state in Africa went by the Christian name of Affonoso. Affonoso who wrote a letter to the Portuguese’s leader, due to the way his nation had begun to become depleted. From all the dieses the white men had brought and lack of physicians and doctors the population was dying at a rapid pace. Affonoso sighted how important the nobleman, vassals, and relatives had been kidnaped to be sold as slaves. Affonoso sights how this is immoral and goes against everything as Christians. Apart of the immortalities included the way the merchants stole people. The thief was successful mostly in part by the branding of people. The white men were using hot iron to make marks of ownership on people. The leader also stated how he has had brought in laws and regulations on slave trade but still felt that help was needed to control slave trade in his country. Next point of view on the slave trade was one who was benefiting from the trade, the merchant. William Bosman, a Dutch chief agent of a company that exported and imported slaves. Bosman explains how the explorations of the slaves on his ships were very well thought out. Claims to be able to fit six to seven hundred comfortably and feed them all daily. Ships were divided into sections which included men and women, Bosman says on how other countries’ slave ships just had...
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