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When we takes up many things in hand and fail in the most of them we bewail our lot and try to console by saying that we were fated to achieve this and fail in that. But fate is a figment of man’s imagination, it is refuge only for those who are cowardly and lack in determination. Because nothing is impossible in the world.

Man is architect of his own fate. He can make himself if he has the will. He can also mar himself if he wavers and submits to opposing forces. A man of determination never fails. His unshaken determination coupled with this unflinching endeavour carries him to the goal and makes him thoroughly successful man. But a man who trembles of every step and has no confidence in himself, can never reach the goal and dies an inglorious death. Robert Bruce could never have regained his mother land from clutches of the enemy if he submitted to the so called fate and gave up the attempts. If Mahmood Ghaznavi has lost the hope, he could not have conquered the Somnath temple. No pilot can reach his destination if loses courage in the face of dangerous waves. When a person thinks that he can achieve his goal he succeeds. Because nothing is impossible in this world. As it has been said that impossible is the word found in the dictionary of fools.

Fate is nothing and nothing can ever do any thing. It is therefore, foolish to depend on fate. In order to attain success we are to depend on ourselves alone. God has endowed man with facilities of thinking of feeling and willing. He has also bestowed him with ability for action. It is thus man alone to workout his fate when will and endeavour are combined together, success is assured.

It is said that a man who sticks to his gun and works wins the battles which to a wavering man having little or no confidence in himself appears as an impossibility. If we look at the little child he falls and stands then starts walking and running if he has not taken first step he had been creeping whole the life. As he sees

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