Sex Crimes

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This term paper is based on a discussion topic that I’ve had in a course called Juvenile Delinquency during my time as an undergrad student. My classmates and I were asked “Do we believe that sexually explicit material lead to juveniles committing sex crimes?” I thought this topic was very interesting, and I decided to do research. Based on my research the answer to this question is yes. The importance of research is to inform individuals of how certain explicit materials can lead youth into committing sex crimes. My research will also include a breakdown of the different types of explicit material that youth may encounter, as well as the consequences that youth may encounter if their actions result in a sex crime.

Literature Review
Explicit Music
My first variable is explicit music. Explicit music is music that normally has the concept of drugs, sex, alcohol, profanity, killing, racism, etc. Music plays an important role in the socialization of children and adolescents. Popular music is present almost everywhere, and it is easily available through the radio, various recordings, the Internet, and new technologies, allowing adolescents to hear it in diverse settings and situations, alone or shared with friends. Music albums began to be labeled for "explicit lyrics" in 1985, after pressure from the Parents Music Resource Center (Butler, 1991).

There are many causes of explicit music. The writer of a song could be encountering problems or different issues within his or her life. Some writers of music believe that its art and others seek out to catch the mind of the listeners. There’s not just one particular cause when it comes to explicit music.

There’s no single solution for protecting our youth from viewing sexually explicit material on the internet or from listening to it in music. The most important step adults and teachers can take to help children steer clear of potentially harmful online content is to supervise and be involved in their use of the Internet (Butler, 1991).

My second variable is pornography. Pornography or porn is the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual excitement and erotic satisfaction. Pornography may use any of a variety of media, ranging from books, magazines, postcards, photos, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, film, video, or video game (Mackinnon, 1991). There are different types of pornography. Each category of illegal pornography has a specific legal definition established by the courts. The Supreme Court has said that there are four categories of pornography that can be determined illegal. Illegal pornography includes indecency, material harmful to minors, obscenity, and child pornography. Indecency is indecent material that includes messages or pictures on the telephone, radio, or broadcast TV that are patently offensive descriptions or depictions of sexual or excretory organs or activities. This is often referred to as sexual nudity. Obscenity is graphic material that is obsessed with sex and/or sexual violence and is, therefore, prurient, patently offensive, and lacking in serious value. It is often referred to as hard-core pornography and includes close-ups of graphic sex acts and deviant activities, such as penetration, group sex, bestiality, torture, incest, and excretory functions. There are Federal obscenity laws that criminalize distribution of obscenity on the Internet, but they have not been vigorously enforced as of November 2001. Child pornography is material that visually depicts children under the age of eighteen engaged in actual or simulated sexual activity, including lewd exhibition of the genitals. Child pornography laws were recently amended to include computerized images or altered pictures of children, and counterfeit or synthetic images generated by computer that appear to be of real minors or that were marketed or represented to be real child...

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