Should Uncensored Songs Be Permitted at School?

Topics: Religion, Profanity, Faith Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Nabbouh 1
Lama Nabbouh
Ms. Carolyne Levine
Essay unit 8A
May 20 2012

Should songs containing curse words be
permitted during school hours:

Let’s face it, music isn’t what it used to be. What used to be rich, meaningful voices has turned into auto-tuned junkies. What’s worst it that these new age artists insist on filling theirs songs with theirs inappropriate language. These popular profanities are increasingly promoting bad behaviour in our children, therefore should they be played at schools? Should there be certain conditions to these songs? I think so. Music played during school hours should be censored because the profanities that it contains models to use foul language, distract students from theirs initial purpose of being at school (to learn of course!), as well as cause them to go against theirs religious beliefs.

Nabbouh 2
Initially, music containing curse words seems to be reaching the younger generation, which is said to be our future. So why taint it? It doesn’t take a genius to know that when a juvenile hears a new word, may it be positive or negative, they’re most likely to use it. Therefore, why raise our following generation with such foul, useless language? I see no reason to it.

Additionally, uncensored music should not be played during school hours because its quite disturbing. The key word in that sentence was school, as in the area where we send our children to learn. Such profanities should not be played in such an important place. It’s already difficult enough to capture and hold the average student’s attention, why make it more difficult by allowing such foul distractions to be played in classrooms?

Ultimately, the largest issue to playing music containing curse words is the negative effect it has on a youth’s religious beliefs. Religion is in a human’s nature, to believe in something greater then man is terrifying yet comforting all at once. During the youth period of one’s life, choices are seem even more...
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