Sew What?

Topics: Information technology, Marketing, Travel Pages: 4 (1219 words) Published: February 26, 2013
This case is about how a small business started from a kitchen became popular around the globe due to use of information technology. It’s the success story of sew what? Inc which gives credit to information technology for its success. This case shows that information technology has been necessity to every business organization weather it is small or large, and every organization is using it in some forms to enhance the performance of organization.

1) Apparently we may think that a small business organization like sew what? Inc doesn’t need information technology to operate, since there is nothing big to manage for. But we shouldn’t forget that running a business and running a business successfully enjoying tremendous growth rate is a different thing. As for sew what? Inc information technology has been very important tool for its success. If it had not been for information Technology Sew what? Inc would have been limited in the kitchen. Here are some examples that justify the contribution of information technology to the business success of Sew what? Inc. *At the very first, by the use of information technology business earned the credibility and bigger client following. When she launched her website people started noticing her firm and her business took the pace towards growth. *Since Sew what? Inc wanted to provide really good costumer experience information technology helped it to provide accurate information’s regarding the organization through a very convenient way to its customers. *Organization’s site in different languages helped the people speaking different languages around the world to know and understand the business which helped the business to grow worldwide. *Website of organization contained the details of everything they did so it became easy for both organization and its costumers to perform. *It was through Information Technology Duckett come to know about the National Federation of Independent Small Business Award. *Duckett’s personal...
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