Settlements of British North America

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Janira Garcia
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Settlements of British North America
Although there was economic and religious concerns during the colonial period it is believed and can be proved that economic concerns had more to do with the settling in British North American than religious concerns. Economic concerns that drove the settlements included, over population, standard of living, as well as high unemployment. Throughout history, people from around the world from different cultures have to American seeking for a new life an upgrade from their previous one. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century a group of British citizens arrived to America. Most of them arrived from a particular location in Europe, but there was a lot of individuality in the group. The diverse British immigrants were the first to add diverse culture to America. The cavaliers’ years later also immigrated. These people were mainly indentured servants from primarily southwestern counties. They quickly seized control of Virginia, but the population in that area was torn with inequality a lot of men did not own land which made them less than others. So they ended up moving on and found to be very successful in the Chesapeake Bay an extremely benefited resource. Trade was able to be hold through the bay making the area very prosperous. The cavaliers also had distinctive cultures or features. The Virginia region however consisted of familiar, widespread plantations owned by one or more property owners which were labored by many, many workers. The workers were tied to the land, paying a share of their crops in return for letting them use the land. Which cause the Virginia elite to become very rich while the majority of the residents remained poor. Major houses with expansive rooms were an example of the rich of Virginia. And, those who could not afford those houses built farmlands towards the country side. The Scotch-Irish however changed settlements for a better condition of living like the ones...
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