Service Quality Questionnaire

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Appendix 2


This is a questionnaire intended for disabled students of a Higher Education institution: University

The questionnaire comprises three parts (A to C).

Part A - a single question on your level of satisfaction with the overall services Part B - a set of 26 statements on your assessment of the quality of services delivered within your university, compared with the service level of an excellent university Part C - four questions: one on overall service quality assessment; one on your years of service experience; one on your rating of the importance of the 10 service quality dimensions and a final question for additional comment

The questionnaire will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete

NAME OF UNIVERSITY_______________________________

TYPE OF DISABILITY (Please circle relevant number)
Learning 1 Visual 2 Hearing 3 Medical 4 Mental Health 5 Mobility 6

Part A

Q1. Please indicate your degree of SATISFACTION with the overall services provided by your University, by placing a check mark X in the relevant box below.

dissatisfiedNeither dissatisfied
nor satisfiedMildly


This section of the questionnaire contains 26 statements relating to the quality of service delivery of your university

Considering an excellent university would be scored as “Absolutely Agree”, please indicate your degree of agreement with the following 26 statements, on your university’s performance on the service feature described.

DisagreeStrongly DisagreeSlightly DisagreeNeither Disagree nor AgreeSlightly AgreeStrongly AgreeAbsolutely Agree

You should insert the number that reflects your rating of that service feature in the Answer Box

DisagreeStrongly DisagreeSlightly DisagreeNeither Disagree nor AgreeSlightly AgreeStrongly AgreeAbsolutely Agree

1.The terms and conditions of your right to services are negotiated.

2.The service, physical facilities, equipment, staff, and communication materials are accessible to you.

3.Information, advice and support on potential funding sources are made available to you.

4.Staff provide prompt and timely service to you.

5.Your complaints are constructively handled.

6.The University is willing to defend and fight for your individual rights.

7.A flexible service is provided to meet your individual needs.

8.Staff are polite and courteous with you.

9.Staff are willing to listen to your individual point of view.

10.Staff communicate in a language that you understand.

11.Complete and accurate information is provided to you in good time.

12.Staff reassure you in terms of your personal anxieties, concerns and problems.

13.Staff are sympathetic to your individual needs, while respecting your privacy

14.Staff respect your confidences and feelings.

15.You feel safe under the care of the staff.

16.Accurate and secure student records are maintained.

17.The university environment enables you to take responsibility for your personal development.

18.Specific opportunities and support for you to attain your personal goals are provided.

19.The required level of service is delivered, with clearly stated terms and conditions.

20.The required number of staff have the ability to do the job.

21.The full range of services is delivered to meet your changing needs.

22.Staff deliver the appropriate service as promised.

23.A dependable service which does not vary over time is provided.

24.The behaviour of staff makes you feel that you can trust them and have confidence in them.

25.An equitable service is delivered to individual students, as well as groups of students.

26.A full...
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