Service Marketing Introduction

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Service Marketing

Control Continuous:
20% group assignment week 10
20% individual week 8
20% test: 2 Q° during 2 hours

Subject to analyse: Service Organization (can be from food sector (restaurant), hotel, education, hospital (medical services…) See from both sides: Favourable and Unfavourable (+suggestion to ameliorate an unfavourable point)

Marketing Mix Service:

7P’s :

Intangible product, you do not own the product, experience of using it. You don’t buy the provider of the service, but the experience of it.  It is all about the Experience given by the service. If there is a mistake in the whole experience, then all is wasted. Example:

Restaurant: Step 1 (people wait 15 min)  Order (Waiter needs to clean table 10min)  Get meal  Pay  If there is a bad point at the beginning, the experience will be bad. A 100% of satisfaction in each step ensure a good experience.

You can’t check a service before buying it. Difficult to determine because no physical product. Price will signal the service quality. Price become a key. The service should be proportional to the price proposed. Example:

Budget Hotel (price lower) VS 5 stars Hotel (price higher) services provided much more

Distribution Types:
- Physical Distribution: ATM Service (Machin) located everywhere you need to pay something, when it was introduced, it was only available in banks, now everywhere. Physical Distribution - Online Distribution: Online transfer

Ads, Public Relation (PR), Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Direct Mkt Personal Selling: most effective way of communication.

3 Additional P’s:

Manufacturing of service happening when the customer is using it or when it is provided. At the contrary product are produced before. Situation when both of buyer and seller have to be together physically.

Physical Evidence
Physical evidence is something that have an effect on emotion Example:
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