Service Learning Paper

Topics: World War II, Betts, Thought Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Coming into the project I was looking forward to interviewing a veteran, at first I really wanted to interview a World War Two veteran. I thought it would be very cool to sit down and hear an untold story of a true American hero that fought in one of the most memorable, and one of my favorite wars. But as I continued to search for a World War Two veteran I couldn’t find one so I joined groups with Tyler, Jose, and Mauricio. They had then told me that we would be interviewing Tyler’s stepdad, who was currently enlisted. Of course my dream of interviewing a word war two veteran was tossed out of the window. Then I had thought about it and to hear the story of a national hero that is serving in the War on Terror currently would be pretty cool. Although I didn’t get my World War Two veteran, I was still pretty stoked about hearing our veteran’s story. Going through this project I was faced with many challenges, challenges we had discussed in class that I had thought I was prepared for. I was faced with group issues from lack of communication to time issues and conflicting schedules. I met these challenges by simply asking Tyler what I needed to do, if there was any extra research I could do or if I could help pay for anything extra. As far as the conflicting schedules go we were able to work around others work schedules as much as possible, but with everything nothing will work out perfect and some sacrifices always have to be made. If I were to do this project over there would be many things I would have done differently. I would have gotten started earlier on the project, also would have tried to make myself more useful, for a lot of things I was not there for. Not only because of my work schedule, but because my group had only told me about two thing we were doing. That was going to Houston to interview Le, and a meeting at corner bakery going over everything. The meeting I was unfortunately unable to attend because of work. But I myself thought that the 20 hours...
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