Business Strategy for Cocoa Producers in Ghana

Topics: Task, Group, Ghana, United Kingdom / Pages: 4 (845 words) / Published: Dec 18th, 2012
Module: Business Strategy
Name: Mohammed Folawiyo (0832229)
Task: Reflective Journal
Due: Wednesday 15th of December 2009

Project choice, how we approached it and why we chose it
Our project of choice was to create our own chocolate producing company which imports its cocoa from Ghana in West Africa. It was to the groups’ advantage that one of our member’s is from Ghana, therefore providing us with a liaison who could gain real information from cocoa producers in that country for our work. We chose to do this project I think because not only was it a big and challenging new task, but it was something neither of us in our team of five had ever encountered, conducted or carried out therefore it was also very useful in terms of knowledge building.
We approached the project by making sure we had surplus information as this was a big project and a new one as well. By gaining exorbitant information such as various shipping costs, production costs and cocoa plantation locations we were able to not only create a cost build-up for the company but in addition we were able to narrow the information down and structure it appropriately.
Functionality of the Group
As a group we worked very well together, we were very flexible, hard-working and persistent. By respecting our points of view we were able to handle the task at hand very well and by everyone giving their opinions we all helped to augment and solidify ideas presented. As a group we met twice a week, on Tuesdays to assign and delegate tasks to and for one another, we also met on Thursdays to evaluate and get and overall feedback on how everyone was getting along with their tasks. We were very supportive of one another and this motivation in my opinion fuelled our group-work’s completion and success. Our work was very strong because all the group members participated at high capacity. Everyone understood what was required of them and whenever we faced disagreements which are inevitable we approached them

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