Sentence and Conjunctions Correlative Conjunctions

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• A conjunction joins words or word groups; they connect things.


• Coordinating conjunctions join words or word groups that are used in the same way.

Examples: 1. The orchestra played waltzes and polkas. [joins two direct objects]

2.We can walk to the neighborhood pool or to the park. [joins two prep. phrases]

3. I looked for Hal, but he had already left. [joins two independent clauses]


Correlative conjunctions are pairs of conjunctions that join words or word groups that are used in the same way.

Examples: 1. Neither the basketball team nor the soccer team has practice today.

2. Both the track team and the volleyball team enjoyed a winning season.

3. Their victories sparked the enthusiasm not only of students but also of

teachers and townspeople.


• An interjection expresses emotion.

• An interjection has NO GRAMMATICAL RELATION to the rest of the sentence.

• An interjection is generally set off from the rest of the sentence by an exclamation point or by a comma or commas.

• Exclamation points indicate strong emotion.

• Commas indicate mild emotion.

• Interjections are common in casual conversation. In writing, however, they are usually used ONLY in informal notes and letters, in advertisements, and in dialogue.

Examples: Whew! What a day I’ve had!

Well, I’m just not sure.

There must be, oh my, a dozen snakes there.

Use the following interjections to complete each sentence: excellent, oops, well, whew, whoa, hey, ouch, cool, wow, yow. (Check your punctuation and capitalization!)

1. _____________ that’s hot!

2. _____________ I forgot to do my homework.

3. _____________

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