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Topics: Sentence, Question, Comma splice Pages: 13 (1614 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Question 1 .2 out of 2 points

Correct Stringing a bunch of independent clauses together with "ands" and "buts" results in the infamous Answer
Selected Answer: c.
Run on sentence

. Question 2 .2 out of 2 points

Correct When two independent clauses are glued together with nothing more than comma the result is a Answer
comma splice.

. Question 3 .2 out of 2 points

Correct An dependent clause masquerading as s sentence is known as a Answer
CorrectAnswer: a.

. Question 4 .2 out of 2 points

Correct When the elements of a sentence are put in series or a list and are the same grammatical kind, the technique is called Answer
Correct Answer: b.

. Question 5 .2 out of 2 points

Correct Your text tells you that no racial, ethnic or sexual _____________ should ever appear in your writing. Answer

. Question 6 .2 out of 2 points

Correct Expressions that are not necessarily logical by grammatical, but which have evolvedto convey a meaning nevertheless are known as Answer
Selected Answer: c

. Question 7 .2 out of 2 points

Correct When a writer communicates by using overly technical language peculiar to another field he or she is usingCorrect Answer: a. jargon.

. Question 8 .0 out of 2 points

Incorrect The textbook explains that everything written within a business or technical format has the intent of achieving a(n) _______________ response. Answer
Correct Answer: c.

. Question 9 .2 out of 2 points

Correct Your textbook says it might be best to describe the kind of writing it discusses as Answer
Correct Answer: d.

. Question 10 .2 out of 2 points

Correct When a writer inappropriately uses the technical language of one field in another field it is an example of Answer
Correct Answer: b.
misapplied language.

. Question 11 .2 out of 2 points

Correct The governing principles in organizing transactional writing are the use and recognition of Answer.
Correct Answer: d.

. Question 12 .2 out of 2 points

Correct Your textbook explains that transactional writing typically begins with a Answer
Selected Answer: c. .
statement of claim.

. Question 13 .2 out of 2 points

Correct Transactional writing usually closes with a statement that establishes or encourages a(n) Answer
Selected Answer: b.

. Question 14 .0 out of 2 points

Incorrect The logical order in transactional writing is said to involve a pattern similar to what you learned in your English composition classes, the ________________________________ approach. Answer

Correct Answer: d.

. Question 15 .0 out of 2 points

Incorrect Governing the general logical pattern approach, as stated in the textbook, are Answer
Correct Answer: d.

. Question 16 .2 out of 2 points

Correct Putting the thesis at the beginning of your document, declaring the point in the introduction, is the first step in the _____________________ approach. Correct Answer: a.

. Question 17 .2 out of 2 points

Correct Beginning with a question, following with data that must be understood and concluding with an answer thesis constitutes the _______________________ approach. Answer
Selected Answer: d.
Correct Answer: d.

. Question 18 .2 out of 2 points

Correct The texbook tells you that just as process derives from narrative, analysis derives from Answer
Selected Answer: b.
Correct Answer: b.

. Question 19 .2 out of 2 points

Correct Your textbook tells you that there are several templates that are best suited for ordering certain logical patterns of information. The template that assists in condensing a description of something, frequently...
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