sensory loss

Topics: Blindness, Ophthalmology, Sensory system Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: July 10, 2014
Outline the main causes of sensory loss
There are many factors that can be attributable to causing sensory loss. Varying degrees of vision and hearing loss may occur: During pregnancy:
a woman may come into contact with a virus or disease that affects the growing foetus an inherited condition or syndrome may be passed on to the child a chromosomal disorder may occur during the foetus’ early development injury affecting the foetus whilst in utero

Complications at birth (multiple health and physical conditions may also be present): a child may be born prematurely
neurological conditions as a result of a traumatic birth or lack of oxygen

Post natal/childhood:
inherited conditions that may present during developmental stages auto immune conditions
illness cause by virus or disease
injury to the eyes and ears
acquired brain injury

Young adult to older age:
inherited conditions or syndromes that present later in the person’s life non-hereditary conditions and syndromes
auto immune conditions
illness cause by virus or disease
injury to the eyes and ears
acquired brain injury
the ageing process
4.2 Explain where additional advice and support can be sourced in relation to sensory loss

Individual care plan
As part of the assessment, the specialist will identify the person's individual needs and requirements which will form a key part of their care plan. The care plan aims to: preserve and maximise any remaining sensory functions that the person has teach them alternative communication methods such as the deafblind manual alphabet (see below) help them to retain as much independence as possible – for example, by recommending they receive training to use a long cane or a guide dog Identifying a deafblind child's level of hearing and sight at an early age is vital to ensure their health, social and educational needs are met. The child's care and education will form an important...
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