Perception: Sense and Extremely Important Piece

Topics: Sense, Psychoactive drug, Brain Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: August 25, 2013
1. What would your world be like if you were unable to experience any external sensory stimulation? Be sure to include vision, hearing, taste, touch, smell, pain, and the role of culture in your discussion.

Living in the 21st century, in the United States of America, technology has become an extremely important piece of self, culturally. From smart phones to digital books, tablet computers to DVRs, the world is run by technology it seems. To be without external sensory stimulation in today’s technological world would depend on if I was born without or if it was a belated loss.

To be without the ability to see, there are technological aids to make up for it. A machine, Scriptalk, reads prescription bottle labels to let the patient know what is within and how to take it and audible books would allow for enjoying books without sight, just to name a few ways to adapt in today’s society. Likewise, to be deaf has adaptations. If I lacked my sense of smell, it would affect my taste, as they are linked; there are surgical advancements that can help alleviate the “handicap.” Similarly, touch and pain are linked.

If I was blind, I know I would miss the joy of seeing the words while reading, the beautiful sunsets, my husband’s smile, and the constellations when camping. If I was without my hearing, I would miss out on music, which touches my heart and gives me bliss. I would miss the sense of smell the least, only because it is sensitive right now and can trigger a migraine; sadly, it would cause my taste to be affected. Many cultures see the loss of senses as handicaps that lessen a person. If I was without all external stimulation, it would be a very closed off world for me, especially if I lost my senses as an adult, but I don’t think it would make me less of a person.

2. Discuss how sleep and psychoactive drugs affect perception. Include in your discussion how a lack of sleep or use of psychoactive drugs affects your perception.

Sleep is a necessary...
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