Sense of Humor

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Name : Dao Le Hong My

Sense of humor is one of the most important qualities of human. Do you agree or disagree with this statement.

Brainstorming and Outlining :
Agree with this statement:
- abate working or studying pressure
- open minded and easily to make friends
- help friends who are under troubles
- bring a comfortable working enviroment
( beneficial for ourselves
-->beneficial for community

Whether a sense of humor is an important characteristic or not is a controversial idea. Some people believe that the ability to entertain is not as neccesary as other qualities. However, personally, I totally agree with this statement for two following reasons

Fisrtly, a person with good sense of humor could brings benefits for themselves. These funny people are usually open minded and easily make friends who play a very important role in mental health. They will be loved and moreover, will receive asistance from people. In addition, People nowadays are suffering from work or study pressure, whose sense of humor can easily abate difficulties in their career. They will have more energy and enthusiasm to work effectively.

Lastly, entertaining ability contributes advantages for the community. A suitable joke in a working enviroment brings a comfortable feeling for others.In smaller cases, humor also can help friends or people around who are in trouble to help overcome all their obstacles in lives.In general, a funny and open person brings colour to the world around them , in other words, they helps people feel happy and fanciful.

In conclusion, a sense of humor is not the most and only characteristic that people should have , but this feature is very important especially in such busy and modern lives. Happiness is just a feeling, so to be happy, live openly and enjoy every moment in your life.
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