senior speak their joys and pains

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Seniors speak their Joys and Pains Ask a senior student to list down all the pains of being a Salay National High School student and he might fill out all the pieces of paper you give him. Here’s my list of joys and pains of being a senior student. First on my list of pains is PRESSURE. From a fresh fourth year students perspective, it’s hard to adjust to the new “senior” atmosphere due to the massive difference of pressure compared to being a junior! But still, I’m not complaining. For some masochistic reason I actually find pleasure in the pressure! It’s the feeling of maturity I suppose or the overwhelming sensation of responsibility; the thought that you see in some different light that they trust and believe you can cut through the hardships and pressures. I guess that’s what keeps me going. If you analyze it clearly though, this shows us that PRESSURE is also a joy. For without it nothing would push us to our limits and the best of us wouldn’t be able to come out. Another pain of being a senior student is the reflex to STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE. In my point of view its pain because it’s what a student are called to do choosing the best option among all the choices, even if that means numbers of sleepless nights or sacrificing “using facebook” to finish an assignment or study for a quiz. But I’m not saying it’s all bad! As a matter of fact, it is one of the greatest joys of being a student. Because when we strive for excellence, we give our all and our best, plus, we get to create that sense of discipline inside us! And the mere fact that we gave our best already means we’ve reached excellence! We’ve given use to what we learned and what we have, that’s a bonus. The act that of us reaching our goals is just but another bonus! Therefore, STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE is the second joy in my list. As a fourth year student, GRADUATING is the greatest pain I will be encountering. I believe...
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