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Women and Gender Conference
This was my second time going to the women and conference and I enjoyed it. The first panel I attended was #3 Sexualities. I was interested in attending this one to see what topics they would talk about. Christina Perez introduced the three presenters and the topics of the presentations where exploring the Taboo of BDSM sexual culture, issues in Feminism: The problem with pornography and your grandmother is having sex!             One of the presentation was Elizabeth Nichin and she presented the issues in feminism. Some of the main topics she pointed out were that pornography tends to only focus on the male audience. Some themes she mentioned were the perpetuation of hetero-normativity, hyper masculinity and western ideals if beauty in mainstream porn. Some points I found interesting in her presentation were the fact that of hetero-normativity is the mainstream porn. I found the topics of beauty in mainstream porn interesting especially when she mentioned that some women get surgery to fix their vulva. I just cannot believe that women actually think that there is something wrong with them. I do believe that porn presents a very false “ideal” image of a woman’s body. I think she did very well and presented a good analysis on mainstream porn that is being presented.

The second panel I attended was panel 7 Gender and Body. The first presenter was Emily August and she spoke about the comparison targets affect female body dissatisfaction. Women view themselves comparing their bodies to not just what the media presents but also to non-human comparison targets. I could say I did not really understand some of the points she was trying to make because it was difficult to hear. The second presenter was Jennifer Dunn and she did a very well job presenting an analysis on the reality show The Biggest Loser. She explains that the show portrays an intense life style to lose weight. People lose weight in unhealthy ways and the show portrays...
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