Semco Pumping Success Case Study

Topics: Management, Motivation, Victor Vroom Pages: 13 (4425 words) Published: August 29, 2011
1. Classical school of management3
1.1 The Classical Scientific School4
1.2 Conclusion6
1.3 The classical administrative school6
1.4 Conclusion8
2. “Motivation Theories and SEMCO”8
2.1 “McGregor’s theory X and Theory Y”8
2.2 Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory11
2.3 Conclusion12
3. Discuss the Concept of Empowerment and Its Relevance to SEMCO13 3.1 The concept of empowerment13
3.2 Empowerment's Relevance to SEMCO15
3.3 Conclusion17
4. Centaur Technologies INC Its Success/Failure17
4.1 introduction17
4.2 Reason which lead to the success of Centaur Company19 4.3 Reason that might lead to the failure of the centaur company20 5. Reference22

1. Classical school of management

The classical school of management has developed the first formal management theory. This theory was been build up during the Industrial Revolution, the employers and managers had no idea how to provide the training to the workers or the way to decreased labour dissatisfaction. (Cliffs, 2000-2011) The company works by itself, it insists to separate from the labour. The classical management theory was invented during this era of revolution to solve new problems which were related to the factory. “According to the result, the classical school of management theory was a good solution which was developed from their hard-work of thoughts to look for the “one best way” to perform and manage tasks.” (Patrick & Bruce, Pg. 11 2000) SEMCO achieved its success without the leadership of a charismatic CEO. From my understanding, SEMCO’s management is differing to the classical school of management. There are two different types of the classical school of management which are The Classical Scientific School and The Administrative School. Each theory describes its own principle of management, in short the classical scientific management theory help focused on the productivity of individuals where in administrative management theory concentrates on the overall organization. Here by, we critically evaluate the SEMCO company depend on classical school of management.

1.1 The Classical Scientific School

The classical scientific school theory described the best way to increase productivity and efficiency by discussing the procedure of work process and the training skill for the employees. (Judith, Pg. 148; 2008) The classical scientific school theory was developed through the thoughts contributed by Frederick Taylor, Henry Gantt, and frank and Lilian Gilbreth. (Cliffs, 2000-2011) SEMCO used freedom as their philosophy which means there is no CEO, no traditional organizational hierarchy for decision making, and to encourage their employees to be more productive and efficient. In classical scientific school theory “Taylor believed that organization should study tasks and develop precise procedures.” (Cliffs, 2000-2011) In SEMCO, the employees decide through themselves about their work task, procedures to complete task and their salaries. The basic idea of the scientific management theory was being developed which was followed by the following principles. Developing standard method: - the scientific management theory explains to develop the new standard methods for doing each task with the organization. The new standard methods help the organization in ensuring the task is carried out in appropriate way and there is a highest level of productivity through an every worker performing a task. In SEMCO there is no such standard method or procedure design to perform any task, worker in the company complete the task the way they want. Selecting, training and developing workers: - this theory also explains that the organization needs to select, train and develop the employees instead of allowing them to choose their own task and train themselves for that particular task. SEMCO company works on a philosophy which is freedom, where in the employees are allowed to choose their own...
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