Management Styles

Topics: Management, Management styles, Decision making Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Name: Do Linh Giang
Class: SNHU 2010

Describe the 3 management styles

Today, the management style is a matter which is facinated by many people. They usually appear in the conversation of the staff when people comment on their manager. There are numerous management styles such as supportive, dictator, delegating, flexible, etc. However, I think there are three main styles of management which will be described in this essay.

Firstly, managers using directing style to tell their employees about the requirements of the job. Characteristics of this style in communicating is that managers give detailed guidance while employees listen and perform. Beside, the manager give ​​clear goals and deadlines to motivate people. In term of, decision-making, most, not to say all, importance one are made by the manager. Futhermore, the manager provides feedback, detailed instructions as to what changes the employee needs to make.

Secondly, discussing style is used by people - oriented managers who ask questions and discuss relevant problems, opportunities, and work projects. After adequate discussion, goals are established. Utilizing a participatory style generally increases employees' commitment to achieve goals. Decisions are made collaboratively. Both manager and employee play an active role in defining problems, evaluating options, and making decisions. Managers ask questions that force employees to examine their behavior and identify better ways of working.

Finally, style usually explain or get agreement on what has to be accomplished and when it must be completed is delegating style. In communications, the manager can use a directing or discussing style as to what needs to be accomplished, so specific goals and deadlines are established when the task is initially delegated. What is more, decisions as to how the task will be accomplished are left to the employee. Employees have the power to take action to achieve the desired...
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