Selina Kyle

Topics: Burglary, Catwoman, Gotham City Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: November 16, 2013
Selina Kyle/ Cat Woman
Everything about Selina Kyle gives you a sense of her smoothness, the sway in her hips as she walks, to the graceful appearance when in combat. By day Selina is just an ordinary individual, blending into the East End of Gothem City, while furthering her skills in martial arts and training extensively to perfect her skills in stealthy burglary. By night she’s a whip-carrying cat burglar, named Cat Woman. She steals from the wealthy and corrupt, motivated by her desire for pretty and valuable things. Cat Woman walks fairly tall across a building top, with the moon light behind her highlighting her dark hour-glass figure. She wears a sleek jet black, skin tight bodysuit equipped with a stylized cat mask, molded to the frame of her body. Cat woman’s razor sharp retractable claws glisten in the city lights and her seductive green eyes glow behind her mask. As she crouches down into a ready to pounce like position at the edge of the building, her black leather whip sits nicely on her hip ready to be used within one swift flick of her wrist. She glides off the side of the building and on to another, always landing on her feet. Cat Woman enjoys the adrenaline rush she felt when putting on her costume. She felt invincible, ecstatic, and electric. Batman had opened up a whole new world of opportunities for her when she first spotted him fighting off cops in Robinson Park. Cat Woman and Batman come face to face in the dark of the night. She can’t help but to trade flirty sarcastic remarks and cleaver puns as they talk. Her voice takes on a distinctive purr as she tries to coax him into admitting his feelings for her and at times attempts to entice him into a more personal encounter. There is always a distinct sexual tension between the two foes. Batman was smitten for Cat, and she knew it all too well. Her independent, rebellious nature attracted him as well as her "animal" magnetism, but their relationship is strained by the fact that they find...
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