Family and German Woman Commandant

Topics: Family, Sewing machine, Sewing Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The Story of Blima
A Holocaust Survivor

Blima was the narrotator of the story. She always thought bad of herself. She is 20 years old. She left school in 8th grade. Also, she has a twin brother. They sewing factoring was one of the settings in the story. Blima at the time didn’t know how to sew but said she did. She got to know one of the guards names Gizella when she asked Blima did she know how to sew and Blima said no. Gizella taught Blima how to sew and started to show Blima favoritism. Blima was living a normal life and it all changed in a split second because of the Holocaust. She was captured and taken from her family and friends. She didn’t think she would get captured. She spent a while in several concentration camps and was soon liberated at Bergan-Belsan. Blima was a nice, caring person. She was known as the best child; smart. She worked at her Aunt Rachel’s bakery. She is also very self-concious about her chest and also has a lot of guilt because at 6 years old Blima dropped her brother, Zalman, and he died at 2 months old. Her mother does not blame Blima for his death, she was very forgiving. One day Blima sat at her vanity and cried to her mother that she was ugly and didn’t have anything appealing about her. She is very jealous of her sister Adele and thinks Adele is much prettier than her. Her mother sits her down and says blima is a lot like herself and is pretty. She also says Blima is the child that looks like her most.

The cat, Masha lies at the feet of her grandfather. This is because the cat senses disaster. Her grandfather died soon after that. Blima’s mother is tore to pieces. She comforts her mother and tries to make her mother feel better.

Blima lost her favorite shoes and realizes shoes isn’t something to really be worried about. She goes to her grandfathers funeral, it didn’t turn out so well. She fainted there. She didn’t like being the center of attention when she fainted.

The nightmare began. She went home early from...
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