Self Independence

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How to be independence in our life

If you wan to be a be special in our life without burden people around you, self-independence is needed. And we need to be spirit high to face the difficult situation. There are several effective tips to build and learn the self-independence

1. Accept yourself
You need to accept our own body, personality, opinions, choices and own life story. Because you cannot build a strong, independent you if u can live with your self. So put behind your mistakes and learn. You can be the best, strong enough so prove that you can. Make an effort to be a better and most importantly love yourself!

2. Become emotionally independent
It may be your parents, friends, or colleague to depends. Although it is possible to continue depend on these relation but it is not longer be around. Some will move away, gone or eventually die. The only person that will always be with you is you. Depends on yourself, and you will not be let down.

3. Rely upon yourself for the motivation and the drive
Even there are some other people is same vested interest with your, there are also some percentage is exclude your success. Motivation and success is a function of habit, break the bad habit and replace it with a good planning. The most successful people in the world aren’t always the brightest, they are jus underpinning their self-esteem a series of victories over task both large and small.

4. Don’t settle
For anything. Not comfort, ease, or to “be nice”. Work hard in everything you want to do. Defend yours opinions. We should do some necessary for people to do thing that u could do for yourself. Work your best and harder than people, than leave the people saying, “that person doesn’t relay any one. What a strong and independent person.

5. Realize and accept that life sometime seems not fair
Our parents cared for us so much that they did everything in their power to help us. But it not function on the real world. You will be treated badly...
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