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Topics: Psychology, Communication, Knowledge Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: April 19, 2014
Self Evaluation Paper

Throughout this course I have learned a lot, not only about the subject itself but also about myself and the direction I want to take for my future and how I want to apply my education in my future career goals. The most important things that I learned evolve around the aspects of communication and how to apply various communication techniques in the business world. I always believed that communication and communicating effectively plays an extremely important role in every aspect of life: school, business, personal relationships, etc. Effective communication is the foundation of IMC. As its been defined in this course, IMC is a communications process for planning, creation, integration, and implementation of diverse forms of marcom delivered to a brand’s targeted customers and prospects. The main goal of an IMC camping is to influence and affect the behavior of the target audience. These two base concepts of IMC can be applied in our everyday life. Personally I believe that I will rely on what learned in class to make sure that I deliver my messages in a precise and constructive way. For example, I believe that gaining knowledge and understanding of your audience is an extremely important aspect in life. Once we truly understand and know our audience we can structure the delivery of our messages in a way that will not only facilitate the reception of its contents but will also affect the behavior of the receiver. Therefore, I consider audience research to be a key aspect of my learning for this course.

At the beginning of this course my main goal was to develop a broad understanding of IMC and its techniques. I can positively say that I feel like I have accomplished this goal. This accomplishment occurred in different stages and though different channels. Personally, I found the various research papers and marcom papers that were assigned by the instructor during the course to be the most effective ways for me to learn. It was a...
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