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Eng 101; Stapley
Self Evaluation Essay
My Writing Evolution
Over the past 3 months, my writing has improved dramatically. After writing countless essays and journals along with other assignments, I can say that my writing has almost become twice as good since high school. For this I am grateful. The writing skills that I have learned will be very useful in life beyond college. I have learned that writing is an art form; And similar to pieces of art, writing improves over time and it an always be improved. Among the many aspects of writing that I have improved upon, the most important things include: How to develop an introduction paragraph, teacher feedback, and developing transitions from one topic to another.

In September when I was assigned my first essay it was a mess. I found myself just typing words that didnt seem to all come together and make sense. Most of my issues, however, were in the first introductory paragraph. I did not know how to develop an introduction that grabbed the readers attention and let the reader understan what exactly I was going to discuss in my essay. I found that the best way to do this was with a strong thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. A useful technique of writing a thesis that I had come to understand was that writing the essay first, and then reflecting on the essay, often leads me to develop a much stronger thesis statement. It is much easier to write a thesis that introduces what you're going to write about after you write the essay. This is a method that I learned after a few essays in september. I slowly watched my essay grades improve dramatically due partly to a stronger thesis.

The realization of the importance of a strong thesis was not entirely my idea. This realization only came to me with feedback from Dr. Stapley and classmates during peer review. In high school, I was responsible for writing an essay and handing it in. In Dr. Stapley's class however, we would write three...
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