Self Critique

Topics: English-language films, Comedy, Greatest hits albums Pages: 2 (853 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Demetria Williams
December 4, 2013
Mr. Hance
My name is Demetria Williams and I took this class because I had to. When I signed up for this class I was lead to believe that this was a theater class and not and acting class. On the first day of class the teacher instructed to us that this was an acting class and asked us did we know that. When the teacher told the class this everyone was upset and nervous including me. I told myself that I was just going to make the best of it and do the best I can. After the first week of class I got a little comfortable. The teacher told the class that we were going to have to things like monologues, dialogues, and scenes. I thought to myself this is going to be horrible because I have never done things like this. I felt like the only thing that made it possible to me was that I am not a shy person, and I don’t meet any strangers. The very first thing we had to do was a monologue. I did my monologue on a story called ONE by Terrence Mosely. The story was about an African American woman in the age range of 30-55 who reveals to her grown son the facts about his father. I chose to do this monologue because I can relate to this story. When I did this first monologue I was very nervous, and when I hit the stage I forgot just about every line. Thanks to my teacher he let another class mate kind of guide me through it. I just knew that I had made a bad grade on it, but I did way better than I thought. The second monologue I did was called I ate the divorce papers by Gabriel Davis. This monologue was a little different; it was about a woman with a broken heart that lashes out on her husband in an unusual way about their divorce. I chose this one because I thought it was hilarious and not as a serious character as the first monologue. I did much better on this one I didn’t forget my lines like I did on the first one. I was much more adjusted to my fellow classmates and it made it so much easier on me. Along...
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