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I have always been terrified of giving speeches, the night before a speech I usually can not sleep just thinking about standing in front of a large audience. After reading these tips, I will incorporate tip # 3 into my next speech. By using tip #3, I’ll feel more comfortable speaking to three people instead of the whole class; and it will also help me remember to look to all parts of the class when speaking. Dear Mrs. Ohs,

When sending email to your professors we must remember to be professional and concise with what we write. Just because you are writing an email it does not mean that bad grammar and spelling are okay, instead use spell check or a dictionary. Finally don't forget that your email may be viewed by many others not just your professor, so make sure that what the email contains is appropriate. Thank You

Erika Fernandez
3. Dear Mrs. Ohs
The syllabus was clear and I have no questions, my only concern is presenting to the front of the class. Thank You
Erika Fernandez
I am notified of all TCC closings through TCC Alerts which sends me text or voicemails, and I also check for any information. My personal goals for this course if first of to pass with nothing less then an A, and secondly to become a more confident speaker. The only significant hurdles I am faced with that might impede my goal, are my writing skills. Even though I have taken both Comp I and II my creative writing skills are not the best. We should refer to our agenda to find out what we missed in class, what is due, or where we will meet on a particular day. Each week of class will be worth 20 points.

If you have an unexcused absence 10 points will be deducted from any points earned that week. Excused absences consist of, dire emergencies, serious illness, military obligation, and a court date. Each day that you are arriving more than ten minutes late to class, 10 points will be deducted from any points earned that week. Starting class on time is a good...
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