Selection Criteria for Job Application

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Sound technical competence in an engineering discipline supported by degree level qualifications and demonstrated commitment to continuous learning. During my study in University 2008-2012 in China, I was highly capable of series of technical competence like Auto Cad, Solidwork, etc. All of those softwares were mastered through standard and systematic study and practice. As a professional engineering, I was responsible for each project. I can take full advantage of all of the skills that I was capable of to apply it into producing and manufacturing.

As talking about the capability of continuous learning, I am willing to learn more professional skills during my work and study. Despite the time study in university, I spent a lot of time working in commercial management and analysis skills. Besides during the period working in the company, I acknowledged sales and customer relations, strategy of cost-saving, material application and many useful tools.

Demonstrated ability to apply technical competence to solve problems that contribute to productive outcomes.
I was work at a team when given by new technical application. Firstly, I would deeply investigate the problem and select the most appropriate technique. Secondly, I needed to rapidly acknowledge the information about the technical and then testify the feasibility of the issue. If resulting in a positive reflection, I applied the technique into the process of solving problem in order to collect the data based on the new technology especially.

While I was working in a company in 2011, our team was distributed a task to apply a new technique into the assembly line. At first, I efficiently grasped the craft of this technique. Then I testified the technique by building an applicable model of assembly line. At last I taught the workers the skills of assembly and use. In a result, the technique made a contribution to the procreative effects.

Demonstrated ability to identify and action innovative solutions....
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