Selaction Process in Ific Bank

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Their topic is selection in below we discuss selection process.

Employee Selection

Introduction: Selection is the process of making a “hire” or “no hire” decision regardingeach applicant for a job. The process typically involves determining the characteristicsrequired for effective job performance and then measuring applicants on thosecharacteristics. The characteristics required for effective job performance are typically based on a job analysis.

“Selection process is a series of specific steps used to decide which recruits should behired.” Or
“Selection is the process of choosing individuals, who have needed qualities to fill jobs in an organization.” • The process begins when recruits apply for employment and ends with the hiring decision. • Employment function: recruiting and selection are combined and called the employment function. Selection ratio:

A selection ratio is the relationship between the number of applicants hired and the total number of applicants available.Selection ratio = Number of applicants hired Total number of applicants.

Selection Process Challenges:
• Determining which characteristics that differentiate people are most important to performance. • Measuring those characteristics
• Evaluating applicants’ motivation level
• Deciding who should make the selection decision
Steps involved in Selection Process:
• The selection process typically consists of eight steps: • Initial screening interview
• Completion of the application form
• Employment tests
• Comprehensive interview
• Reference & Background investigation
• Conditional job offer
• Medical/physical exam
• Supervisory interview
• Permanent job offer

The Selection Process

Fig :1
1. Initial screening:
• The first step in the selection process whereby job inquiries are sorted. • Involves two step procedure
• Screening inquiries
• Screening interviews.
• Eliminate some of these respondents based on job description and job specification because candidates lack adequate or appropriate experience, or adequate or appropriate education. • Job description information is shared that frequently enctheirages the unqualified or marginally qualified to voluntarily withdraw from candidacy with minimum cost to the applicant or the organization. • Salary range is also identify at the initial screening stage because most workers are concerned about their salaries, even if a job opening sounds exciting, a low salary may drive away excellent talent.

2. Completion of the application form:
• After completion of initial screening, applicants are asked to complete the organization’s application form, company specific form used to generate specific information the company wants. • Application form gives a job-performance-related synopsis of what applicants have been doing, their skills and accomplishments. • Applicants require a signature attesting to the truthfulness of the information given and giving permission to check references. • On the basis application form information individuals may be rejected for two reasons: • If the job requires following directions, job related, and the individual fails to do so on the application. • The company find out the information is false.

Key Issues
• Omit items, which are not job-related; e.g., sex, religion, age, national origin, race, color, and disability. • Typically includes “employment-at-will” statement, indicates the right of the employer or employee to terminate the employment relationship without cause or notice.

References contacts: Asks for permission to check work references.

Employment testing: Notifies applicants of required drug tests, physical exams, or other tests. • Application time limits: Indicates how long the application will remain active. • Information...
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