Security Firm Business Plan

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Security Firm

Business Plan

Joshua Agustin
Nhia Lee
Robert Wilkinson

June 20, 2013

Section 1: The Business Profile|
Description of My Business:With our main focus being professionalism, reliability, officer safety and cutting-edge technology, we are leading providers of security and life safety solutions.Equipped with the technology, resources, expertise and experience needed to meet any challenge, our staff and field teams provide 24-hour remote and on-site client support every minute of every day.UL Listed and an approved vendor for the both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). It has also received approved by the Factory Mutual Insurance Company is a Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company approved vendor.With outstanding service, up-to-the-minute security and safety solutions we make it as the top choices throughout the private and public sector.| Targeted Market and Customers:Our services are provided to whoever is interested. We do not only limit ourselves to apartment complexes, we also have personal home security, foot and vehicle patrol security, for private and public sectors. Torrey Ridge Apartments| Vanessa| (559) 252 2866| 222 S. Clovis Ave. Fresno, CA, 93727| Ashbrook Villas Apartments| Nicole| (559) 221 1158| 3274 W. Ashlan Ave. Fresno CA, 93722| Palm Lakes| George| (559) 292 7676| 4083 Peach Ave. Fresno CA, 93727|

Anticipated Startup Costs & financial resources to cover costs * Total=$10,832.59 * Application for PPO=1,500 * Badges=50 for $500 * Shirt=25 for $250 * Business cards=500 for $8.50 * Advertisement T.V=300 * Insurance=3,500 per year 159.09 x month * Workers compensation=3,000 per year. 250 x month. * PG&E=$300 * Comcast=$105 * Patrol=5,000 * Fuel per month=1,860 * Web Advertisement=Free * Flyers=5000 for $100| Profit PotentialThere’s a need for security guards everywhere. The world is becoming a unsafe place and PD cannot be everywhere all the time. That’s why they have civilian programs to assist the officer in their duties. Security guards are more effective when it comes to keeping the peace and maintaining order and safety. That’s why this is a very lucrative business and it will generate profit a long as the company is managed properly.|

Section 2: The Vision and the People|
Have you ever seen a security guard sleeping while on duty? Not doing his job? Not patrolling his designated area? Not being polite and respectful? I know I have.Here at Top Flight Security we offer you the opportunity to experience security on a whole new level. With the latest in security equipment and officers who are reliable, responsible, respectful, properly trained, Who will know how to act and react according to the situation, who have been hand picked for your safety. Because here at Top Flight Security we are a family (officers, management, and employees), we want to you to feel like your part of our family. If I would not bring somebody to my dinner table then you shouldn’t have to rely on him to protect you and the ones you love the most…. Because honestly what price can you put on your safety and the ones you love.| The People|

Work Experience Related to My Intended Business5 years in Security total.Prior management Police AcademyBaton certificationPC 832 Law of arrest and FirearmsOC certificationDefensive tactics| Personal Background and Education CredentialsAll members have:AS in Criminal Justice.Police AcademyBaton certificationPC 832 Law of arrest and FirearmsOC certificationDefensive tacticsExposed Firearm Carry certification|

1. Factors in Selecting the Business

1. Your experience in the business: 5 years 2. Why appropriate for home based: No specifications required. 3. Your utilization of Internet and communications tools: Personal Cell Phones and Personal Mac Book, IPAD Mini, IPAD. 4. Home based...
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