Business Plan

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“Business Plan”
Executive Summary
Discover Solutions, Inc. (Discover Productions) is a Business-to-Business (B2B) technology consulting company supplying turn-key computing solutions based upon the latest technology and utilizing Web-based applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art software and hardware in their24x7 computing facility, Discover Productions also offers e-commerce solutions, Web hosting, Web development, remote help desk support, customer training, and systems support. Looking further into the future, the company plans to develop their own B2B Web-based applications. Discover Solutions is a Dhaka, Bangladesh based company, whose mission is to provide businesses with the technology they need to compete in a Web-based world. By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and providing the necessary technical expertise, Discover brings to the market a fresh perspective on B2B Technology Consulting.

Key Terms
1. Turn-key B2B Computing Solutions: The company is currently providing small to mid-sized businesses with Web-based computing solutions utilizing state-of-the-arttechnology.  2. Internet Sales: We currently generate more than $3000 in Internet sales from hosting, e-commerce, and Web development for small to mid-sized businesses.  3. Computing Solutions: We will increase our computing sales revenue from computersales, service, and support to more than $4500. 4. Web-based Applications: Develop, market, and sell our own Web-based B2Bapplications.

 The company's marketing strategy rests on the belief that its products and services represent avalue-added approach to interpreting, qualifying, and understanding the complexities of thecomputer industry and technology markets. To implement this strategy, the company intends toplace paid advertising banners on strategic websites in the computer fields and to utilize searchengine portal and general media advertising. Management

 Discover Productions has a...
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