Security Concerns

Topics: Identity theft, Password, Theft Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Concerns If Removed
If Kudler Fine Foods decided to one day remove their security system, here are a few things that they must be aware of. If Kudler Fine Foods was without a security system that would allow easy access to their entire system. The first concern would be how easy it would be to obtain many types of malware and viruses. Many of these may just result in the system slowing down but some of the others may be much worse, like a key logger. Should a key logger get into the system, the person on the other end can retrieve many user names and passwords and just “let themselves in” to the system. From here, the hacker has free rein of all the stored information. This means that Kudler Fine Foods documents, classified documents, customer information, and employee information is right there for the taking. This could easily lead into identity theft cases that could turn into many lawsuits against Kudler Fine Foods. A company like Kudler Fine Foods would have a very difficult time bouncing back from an attack like that. Once word got out about the identity theft, the reputation of the company would drop immensely along with most of the customers. It would be very likely that Kudler Fine Foods would go out of business. It is because of the possibility that something like this could happen Kudler Fine Foods must maintain their current security system. For the safety of every customer, every employee, and even the future of the company, it is vital that this system stays in place.
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