Securing Military Gear

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Importance of Securing Items
The definition of sensitive items is anything that considered classified or a mission essential item. They range anywhere from protective wear, maps, patrol routes, nods (night vision goggles) or simply your weapon. The meaning of securing your sensitive items mainly is maintaining accountability for opsec (operation security), mission success and a soldiers overall readiness. If an item is lost and the enemy gets his/her hands on that item it could compromise the mission at hand or give them intelligence on the items we as soldiers use each day. Using habits and exercising the securing of sensitive items will make it possible for the soldier and his or her team to operate at the top performance. Operational security is process that denied valuable information to an enemy. If an enemy were to obtain the presented it could be used against our forces. Not securing sensitive items increases the risk of loss by being intercepted by unauthorized personnel. Every soldier must maintain accountability and positive control of all sensitive material to allow full use by them and anyone involved with the mission at hand while still maintaining operational security. Operational security can be compromised through the loss of sensitive items due to loss of equipment used for operational planning, or items used for support missions. Also depending on the type of sensitive item that is being classified it could fall under a different level of security as it is deemed so by the U.S. Government. The levels included in the term classified are restricted (public disclosure could have undesirable effects or do some harm), confidential (unauthorized disclosure could damage national security example would be compromising information that indicates the strength of armed forces or disclosure of technical information about weapons), secret (unauthorized disclosure could seriously damage national security) and top secret (unauthorized disclosure could immensely put national security in immediate danger). Simply this means some things are more valuable than others, either because they cost more money or they hold a very importance in what they may do or what how they may help in the time of war on the battle field. In the military it is instilled in our heads that our weapon is the most valuable thing you will ever have. You train with it, you eat with it, you sleep with it, you use it to protect yourself and your battle buddies and you take care of it like it was your wife or child. In the end it becomes part of you and you cannot foresee yourself without it. Your weapon is considered a sensitive item because if it ends up in the enemies’ possession, it could possibly be used against you and your comrades. The United States has shed too many tears and money these past ten years that they do not need to shed any more due to negligence and not properly handling or maintaining positive control of sensitive items. Keeping track of where your weapon is or having it on you at all times will help in preventing from losing your weapon and or someone taking it from you. Now weapons are not the only things that are considered to be sensitive items. There are multiple things that are considered sensitive like your identification card. Your military identification card holds a ton of information not only about oneself but also about one self’s family. If your military identification card is found by an enemy it can cause a lot of harm to you. Luckily with the new identification card out, your social security number is no longer on the back of it, which is better because now they will not be able to use it to hack into your bank accounts or any other information. Also, if you lose your ID, you give the enemy ability to pose as you and get on to military installations causing the COB or base to be at risk for terrorist attacks. The importance of securing all sensitive equipment and items cannot be stressed enough. The reason is...
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