Section 5 Study Guide

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Section 5 Study Guide
Lesson 1 (5.0 points)
1. What is value? (1.0 points)
Value is the lightness or darkness of a color.
2. How is value created? (1.0 points)
Value is created by the way that light shines on an object.
3. What is contrast? (1.0 points)
Contrast is how different two colors are.
4. What are neutral colors? (1.0 points)
The neutral colors are white, black, and gray, these colors don’t distract the viewer from the other colors.
5. What is chiaroscuro? (1.0 points)
Chiaroscuro is a style of painting and other art that uses strong contrasts between light and dark.
Lesson 2 (5.0 points)
1. What is a color model? (1.0 points)
A color model is a way of displaying a wide range of color hues with different values and saturation.
2. What is the RGB color model commonly used for? (1.0 points)
The RGB color model is the most common way for computers to read and display color from a software program.
3. How does the RGB color model create colors? (1.0 points)
The RGB color model creates colors by adding red, green, and blue light. 4. What do the HSL and HSV color models use to show color values? (1.0 points)
HSL and HSV use 3D shapes to show a greater range of color values.
5. What was the Munsell color model the first to do? (1.0 points)
The Munsell color model was the first to use numbers to describe color.

Lesson 3 (5.0 points)
1. What are highlights? (1.0 points)
Highlights are the parts of an object that catch and reflect the most light back to the person looking at it.
2. How does the reflectivity of an object affect it is highlights? (1.0 points)
The more reflective an object is, the brighter its highlights will be when a bright light shines on it.
3. In the still life, the highlights make it look like a light is shining on the objects from which direction? (1.0 points)
The highlights make it look like a light is shining on the object from the left side.
4. What are soft highlights? (1.0 points)
Soft highlights are highlights that

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