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Topics: Mobile phone, Bluetooth, Symbian OS Pages: 5 (668 words) Published: August 9, 2013
Bluejacking Technology: Overview, Key Challenges

and Initial Research

Ratika Bali

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology

New Delhi, India

Abstract—The mobile phone technology has developed

tremendously in the past forty years since its invention in 1973

owing to its unique, wiring sans and fixation free networked

system. Mobile phones have been espoused as an everyday

technology, omnipresent at every physical location. Initially used

merely as a communicative device to facilitate a channel for

mediated conversation, the usage of mobile phones has been

diversified progressively. One such appropriation is bluejacking,

the technique of relaying anonymous, unwanted and unsolicited

short messages via vCard functionality over Bluetooth to

Bluetooth-enabled devices using the OBEX (OBject EXchange)

protocol. This paper provides an overview of the Bluejacking


Keywords— Bluejacking, Bluejackaddict, Bluetooth Exchange,

OBEX, vCard.

Bluejacking is an attack conducted on Bluetoothcompatible devices, such as smart phones, laptops and PDAs.

Bluejacking is instigated by an attacker (termed as bluejacker

or bluejackaddict) who forwards unsolicited messages to a

user of Bluetooth-enabled device. When the connection goes

through, the bluejacker tries to send a message to the recipient.

The actual message sent to the user’s device does not cause

detriment, but is used to inveigle the user to counter react in

some manner or add the new contact to the device’s address

book. [1] This message-transmitting attack resembles spam

and phishing attacks conducted against email users.

Bluejacking can be perceived as either infuriating or amusing,

though it is relatively risk-free since the recipient has the

option to decline. Bluejacking sure makes for an interesting

wake-up call in close-knit environments like underground

metro trains, buses, malls and cinemas.

name, and sent that business card to the Nokia phone. The

recipient of the Nokia phone standing a few feet away from

him was startled to see such an ‘advertisement’. Ajack posted

this story on Sony Ericsson forum and other people started

trying it out. Bluejacking has become a rage amid young

people keen to play practical jokes. A 13-year-old girl named

Ellie from Surrey, UK has created a website called ‘bluejackq’

where people can share their bluejacking experiences. [2]


The Bluetooth port of the mobile phones is subject to threat


of bluejacking attack. Bluejacker carefully crafts the

identification that devices exchange during association and

then transmits short, deceitful text messages into

authentication dialogs. Thus, bluejacker tricks the user and

gains access to user’s phone book, calendar, or file residing on

the device. Bluejacking is based on following technologies:

A. Bluetooth Technology


Bluejacking was allegedly first conducted by a Malaysian IT

consultant, ‘Ajack’ (his username a Sony Ericsson online

forum), who used his Bluetooth-enabled phone to publicize

Sony Ericsson. He also coined the name, which is an amalgam

of Bluetooth and hijacking. While standing in a bank queue,

Ajack turned on his Bluetooth, discovered a Nokia 7650 in the

vicinity, created a new contact with ‘Buy Ericsson!' as the first

1) Bluetooth as a Wireless Technology: Bluetooth,

the latest development in wireless communications

technology is a wireless standard that is designed

for very short-range (less than 10 meters). It is a

de facto standard, as well as a specification short

range radio links. It is most appropriate for

communication between computers or mobile

devices and peripheral devices, such as to connect

a wireless...
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