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sea change and kathryn dell barton

By taylahpetersen Jun 16, 2014 593 Words
Composers use distinctly visual images to visualise and allow us to understand the impact of human experiences. Deborah Cox used visual imagery in the television series ‘Sea Change’ to create an effective message about human experiences; this is also emplified in ‘Cell block tango’ composed by Rob Marshall and Kathryn del Barton’s artwork ‘You are what is most beautiful about me’. Paragraph 1

In the sea change episode ‘not such great expectations’ Deb Cox skilfully uses visual images as a powerful medium to convey truths about human expectations. She convincingly reveals that individual’s life experiences may be in conflict with those of others, due to different values. This is evident in the father and son relationship that Bob and Craig Jelly have. Bob is initially presented as a pushy, arrogant and selfish real estate agent who wished that his son will follow in his footsteps and have the same career as himself. This is evident in the effective use of a medium tracking shot in the scene where Bob and Craig jelly are dressed in identical vibrant red real estate blazers as they walk across the headland gazing down upon the natural beauty of Pearl Bay. However, bob jelly is challenged to reassess his values when the imagery suggests that he expects his son to follow in his footsteps and become a real estate agent. Bob wants to transform Craig into a clone of himself. This is demonstrated through Cox’s skilful use of a medium shot in the scene where Bob is standing behind Craig (whose facial expressions suggests he is listening intently to Bob’s words of wisdom) while Bob gazes off into the distance absorbed by his own apparent wisdom. Cox highlights the growth in Craig Jelly by demonstrating that he has learned that following in his father’s footsteps would be the best opportunity for him. Link to question

In this episode Deb Cox allows us to visualise and understand the impact of human experiences. Bob Jelly is trying to put his son on the right track and get him the best job in the family real estate. Relating to this our parents want us also to get the best job opportunity. Link to next paragraph

The theme of relationships between children and their parents is also experienced in the artwork “you are what is most beautiful about me” painted by mother of 2 Kathryn Dell Barton. Paragraph 2
The artwork illustrates a painted self portrait of Kathryn Dell Barton with her 2 children painted in the foreground. The painting includes larger colourful flowers and vines intwinned between the 3. This gives the viewer an insight that through life the impact of becoming a mother can have a dizzying effect on human experiences. This is seen through the use of plants, flowers and coloured lines running throughout the painting. Barton uses symbolism through the green coloured lines, plants and flowers. This suggests new life and that motherhood is an act of nature, it is natural. In this painting Kathryn Dell Barton demonstrates that everybody comes together as one in a family but each member is still in individual. The representation of the large eyes explores that the three are very alike, but with different eye colours the three are individuals but are all cohesive. Link to question

Kathryn Dell Barton allow us to visualise and understand the impact of motherhood in a human experience. With Kathryn in the background of the image it suggests she is putting her children first, putting there needs ahead. Just like our parents would for us.

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