Henry Lawson Essay + 1 Related Text

Topics: Short story, Distinction, Distinct Pages: 4 (1325 words) Published: August 17, 2011
2010 HSC Essay Question

Compare the ways the distinctively visual is created in Lawson’s short stories and one other related text of your own choosing. In your answer, make detailed references to at least two short stories set for study. Composers in everyday situations use distinctively visuals through the use of elaborate techniques and complex word choice. These visuals are vivid and very clear; so it helps the responder visualise the text and therefore relate to the texts and also deepen their understanding of the short stories. Two short stories composed by ‘Henry Lawson’ that use techniques and word choice to portray distinctively visuals are ‘The Drover’s Wife’ and ‘In A Dry Season’, these two texts are strongly opposite to the visual ‘The English Countryside’ by an unknown composer. Both ‘The Drover’s Wife’ and ‘In A Dry Season’ use distinctive visuals to deepen the responders understanding of place; the situation of the story, where the stories are set. People; the characters of the story and how they evolve throughout. Ideas; the message that the composer is trying to get across to his intended audience. ‘Henry Lawson’ creates images of isolation, stoicism and the struggles for survival in the harsh rural Australian outback in his two well known short stories ‘The Drover’s Wife’ and ‘In A Dry Season’. In contrast, the visual, ‘The English Countryside’ creates images of tranquillity, serenity and freedom through the composer’s use of colours, brush strokes and positioning. Distinctive visual have been created in ‘The Drover’s Wife’ through the composers use of sibilance and accumulation to create a sense of isolation. “The two-roomed house is built from round timber, slabs, and stringy-bark, and floored with split slabs.” This quote is used to allow the responder to visualise the pre-federation rudimentary home and not only how isolated it is from society but also how isolated it is from modern day housing. “Nineteen miles to the nearest sign of...
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