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Topics: Project management, Water, Drinking water Pages: 15 (2604 words) Published: May 20, 2014
Table of Contents
1. Introduction1
2. Scope definition and management4
3. Issue analysis of the project7
4. Financial analysis f UAI9
5. Conclusion13
6. Recommendation13
7. List of references14
Executive summary
Safe drinking water is an upcoming market in India. 80% of the population is depended on the bottled water for their regular consumption. Universal Aqua Industries is going to engage in the production and distribution of bottled water. They are planning to cater the needs of households and other people in Kanyakumari and its suburbs. This report is critically analyses the project scope and management of the project. UAI has selected Kanyakumari as their supply area where there is no such manufacturing unit in that area and close vicinity. Relevant theories and approaches are used to analyse the project and arrive at a conclusion. The recommendations given in the report are based on theories but the practical possibility to apply them depends on the situation.

1. Introduction

Water is a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Water is an essential part of human beings and animals. The water available in bore wells and other water resources is not hygienic and purified. Especially in India the water supply is not highly purified which is not in a condition drink immediately without further purification such as boiling. In some area the spring water is highly concentrated with more salt and calcium which is also not suitable for drinking. This has given a room to start up a bottled water company in Kanyakumari South India to cater the need of people. Universal Aqua Industries (UAI) is going to furnish the water need of Kanyakumari and its suburbs. Kanyakumari is a tourist attraction in South India and there are many industries where foreign nationals are working who all prefer to have the bottled water instead of the supply supplied in the national water lines. This signals the opportunity to stat up a business of bottling water project in that area where there are no such a manufacturing company in close vicinity. A project is a unique endeavor which produces set of deliverables within the specified time, cost and quality constraints (Jason W 2003). In this context setting up the plant for the production of bottled water is the project. The timeframe of the setting up the plant is decided by the engineers together with the proprietor is 18 months. Since it is a consumer product, UAI needs to obtain several approvals from different government bodies. The cost of the project is INR 5 Million and additionally 10% of the cost is budgeted for uncertainties. A project has several characteristics. According to Nagarajan (2004) the following characteristics are identified Table 1. Characteristics

Applicable at UAI
Project has set of objectives. Once the objectives are achived the project will consider as completed. According to UAI, obtaining the approval for starting the production of bottling water, building the factory premises and installation of purifiers are the main objectives. Life cycle

Project has a life cyle. The main stages are conception stage, design stage, implementation stage and commission stage. UAI proprietor is basically an engineer specialized in Electronics and Instrumentation and was working for a bottled water company for 4 years. He came with an idea of starting a business b his own to cater the needs of his area residents. At the implementation stage the project implemented as per the design. At the designing stage the detailed procedure of project is developed with contribution of all professionals. UAI has implemented the design and reached the phase of completion. Project commissioning is assuring the implemented design is in order to start the operation. UAI is at commissioning stage, since the proprietor himself involved in the project process the commissioning has not taken much time. Definite time limit

Project has definite time limit and cannot...
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