Science Investigatory Project

Topics: Experiment, Science, Hypothesis Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Step 1. Gather Ideas
Observe surroundings and notice the things that need improving. Next, add some creativity and logic to think of possible solutions. Then consult knowledgeable people if the idea is doable. For example, instead of complaining about the pollution in the city, think of creative, effective ways on how it can be reduced. Or use a junked bicycle to design a washing machine (this project won First Prize in Improvisation during a Regional Science Fair). Step 2. Research

Gather as much data and information about the project. has project guides with background information and experiment design. Meanwhile, and have general information on any subject. Project ideas and material can be found at, while local libraries can provide relevant reference materials to the project. Step 3. Variables

Determine the possible variables or changeable factors in the experiment. Step 4. Hypothesis
From the research and variables, write down an educated guess on what the different factors that influence the project are. Step 5. Experiment
In designing an experiment, write a step-by-step list called an experimental procedure, taking into account a control variable (nothing is changed, neutral, reference point) for comparison. Also write the list of materials needed. Step 6. Results

A series of experiments, when one variable is changed at a time, can yield results that can give an idea as to how one variable affects the others. Process the raw data into charts, calculations and/or graphs to come up with the experiment results. Summarize what happened and identify the trends in the experiment. Step 7. Conclusion

Answer the original question based on the experiment's trends and your own observations to find out if the project hypothesis is correct. For a more advanced guide, check out EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE PROJECTS: An Intermediate Level Guide. Meanwhile, for more information on research paper writing...
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