Science and Religion

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Science vs. Religion
Einstein said ‘science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind'. •Science + religion are two very different aspects of life, they both have their value and importance. •History shows us that science and religion are in conflict as religion has been the dominant power but in more recent years science has taken its place. •Which is science more important than religion

OUTLOOK –The outlook of science is rational is relies on evidence, observation and experiment. Nothing can be believed until it is tested and proven. Religion relies on pure faith. It tells followers to believe in teachers and religious books. They believe God cannot be proven but is felt by those who have faith.

Truths and Proofs
The way science observes things is tentative; nothing can be 100%. •There was a time when it was thought that the sun circled the earth. Gradually science proved this wrong. People are allowed to challenge science. •Religion especially In the past is not allowed to be debated about, it is 100% absolute. Everything in religious books are regarded true. •People have been punished for challenging religion for example Galileo. He was put under house arrest for challenging the religious leaders for their view on the planets.

Science advances forward on the bases of laws and principles. It has a solid foundation upon basing theories and explanations. Therefore science is much more open to discussion. •Darwin’s theory of evolution was a turning point in the advancement of science. It explained where humans came from and how they evolved. However many people think like the idea that they were descendent from apes. •Some times people are open to both science and religion as Kepler was ‘thinking gods thought after him’.

Religion started to advance when there was no knowledge of fossils and the big bang theory, it came out when people 2000 years ago where being oppressed it was hope to...
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