Ap World Histroy Dbq

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Political, religious, and social factors affected the work of scientist in the sixteenth and seventeenth century in many ways. They were the reasons why natural philosophers questioned, studied, and continued to find new information in their discoveries. Developing a new scientific worldview must have required an abundance of controversy dealing with these important factors.

There were people who believed that the discoveries made should not interfere with political power. *Thomas Hobbes, an English Philosopher, certainly believed in many theories’ that scientists had viewed. However he is best known for his political thought. Certainly his political views were included in his scientific works (Doc 7). Louis XVI, a political power, showed interest into the scientific studies. This evidently showed on a drawing to honor Louis XVI’s visit to the French Royal Academy (Doc 10). Clearly, science was encouraged to flourish because people knew the happiness of the country, for not only depending on the arms abroad but for also creating abundances at home (Doc 11).

The social factor was furthermost likely to have been more analyzed in scientist works. Many were interested in what people thought of them and their studies. Scientist were even more proficient in removing their experiments completely if people disagreed. Marin Mersenne guaranteed that his experiments had been repeated more than 100 times, but however was willing to change them if someone did not agree. Others however, were confident in their studies and did not care for much criticism (Doc 1). The reason for why natural philosophers were sometimes held back was because they truly did not know what their objective was. This is most likely why they made slight progress in the sixteenth and seventeenth centauries (Doc 4).

Religion was unquestionably a factor scientist considered. They took the principles of God into their works. It appeared impossible to them how things could have so much...
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