Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Communication, Sociology Pages: 2 (822 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Social Networking and Human Interaction Amber Stallworth ILR260 Spring 2014 National University Social Networking and Human Interaction I. Introduction a. Social media plays a part in the everyday life of many children, teenagers and couples. Based on a few different studies, it has resulted in more of a negative impact on married couples and those in a committed relationship. As stated in a study completed by Dr. Bernie Hogan at the University of Oxford, a number of researchers monitored 24,000 married couples and their social media use. Some of the media channels included emailing, Facebook, text messaging and instant messaging. Results showing that those who communicated with their significant other using more channels did not experience as much relationship satisfaction. He states, Researchers tested the theory of media multiplicity (the ability to communicate via several communications channels), which was first developed in 2005. b. The theory suggests that there is a clear link between the number of media channels used to communicate, the frequency with which they are used and the strength of relationship ties. (Hogan, 2013) Social networking has had a huge impact on the way we interact with each other, effecting face to face conversation, personal relationships and self esteem. II. Face to face interaction deepens human relationships. a. There has been a shift in the way we communicate rather than face-to-face interaction, were tending to prefer mediated communication, he says. Wed rather e-mail than meet wed rather text than talk on the phone. (Booth, 2013) People are becoming a lot more social than the past, but the form of communication is different. B. Although we are communicating more over the internet, the types of friendships and relationships we are creating are becoming weaker. Face to face communication produces more substance and strengthens the ties between people. The diversity of friendships and relationships...
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