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Advantages and Uses:
Mycoprotein is used as an alternative to meat for protein for vegetarians and vegans it has a great source of protein meaning vegans and vegetarians are able to receive enough protein in their diet without eating real meat. It is very high in protein and low in fat which is great for dieters and can be used in protein shakes for those who want to bulk or even lose weight. Mycoprotein can easily be made to look and taste like something else for example the brand ‘Quorn’ have created burgers, chicken, meat and even fish it can also be used to create tasty snacks and sweet things so it is also enjoyed as a treat or luxury. Another advantage of Mycoprotein is that it reproduces very quickily meaning more of it is easily and efficiently created. Mycoprotein is used in developing countries or even in famines as it’s cheap and quick to make it even has higher protein levels than some real meats as well as high levels of fibres.

The negatives of Mycoprotein are it has very little flavour on its own and it is made in fermenter and labs which isn’t a very nice thought. It also is a fungus which could put others off the idea of eating it.

Factors that affect the growth of penicillin:
The main factors affecting the growth of mould are nutrients, temperature, light, aeration, pH and water activity. Nutrients:
The nutrient requirement for fungi may vary from mould to mould. Certain moulds thrive extremely well on substrates containing high sugar levels or salt content. Other certain moulds may prefer meek sugars whilst other moulds have the capability to consume complex sugars.

Most moulds are known as mesophilic meaning they are able to grow at temperatures ranging from 10-35°C. Prime temperatures for growth can range between 15-30°C. However, some moulds such as
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