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Which battery lasts the longest out of two different brands, Duracell or Energizer ?


I think that Duracell will last the longest because Their advertising claims that no other battery "beats the copper top." also, it is the most popular brand of batteries. Materials

Two of the same type, size and brand flashlights.
Two D-size batteries from each of the
following brands:
Two other D-size batteries to test each
flashlight and bulb before starting tests.

Procedure I tested each of the flashlights by using the two test batteries. I then labeled each flashlight with the battery brand name and put the different batteries in each marked flashlight.Before going to bed I turned on all the flashlights at the same time and left them on overnight. I noted down the time that the flashlights were turned on. When I woke up I watch the flashlights until they went out and then recorded the time.

VariablesOur variable is the different brand of batteries. The controlled condition is the same type of flashlights.

ResultsMy experiment showed that energizer outlasted Duracell I tested both more than two hours. The Duracell lasted 15 hours. The Energizer lasted 22 hours and 15 minutes. This that my hypothesis is wrong.

BRAND | Duracell | Energizer |
Time turned on | 9:00 pm. Fri | 9:00 pm. Fri | Burnt out | 12:00 p.m. Sat | 7:15 pm. Sat | Total TimeTurned On | 15 hours | 22 hours 15 minutes |

I rejected my hypothesis that Duracell would last the longest. I came to this conclusion because my data show that Energizer lasted longer than Duracell. This also proves that even though batteries may be more expensive (like the Duracell was), you might not be paying for a better battery.I do suggest that further testing be done, due to a few errors made during the experiment. Some flashlights were...
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