Sci-Fi Movies Are the Best

Topics: Stan Lee, X-Men, Marvel Comics Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Marshall Milton
English Comp 1
Mrs. Colles
March 11, 2013
Sci-Fi Movies Are the Best
Millions of people today spend thousands of dollars every year going out to the movie cinema, renting movies or purchasing them at the store. There are several movie genres available today to choose from. Action, romance, horror, comedy, family and science-fiction or sometimes called sci-fi movies are just a few of the most popular movie genres today. My personal favorite of all these would have to be the sci-fi movies. A sci-fi movie grabs the viewers’ attention and does not release it until the ending credits. Among the millions of Sci-fi movies in the world today I would say that Stan Lee’s Marvel Comics movies are the best. These movies grab the attention of the viewer and keep them suspended in a world of fantasy and superheroes. Movies like Spiderman that captures the imagination of young viewers as well as older ones just because a boy was bitten by a spider and now he has super spider powers! He can crawl up walls, jump really high, run real fast, has super hearing and shoots a web out of his wrists! All young kids, young and old alike, would all love to be able to do those things! Then there are the X-men movies. These movies keep viewers at the edge of their seat simply because of the many different characters, whether hero or villain, that these movies contain. These movies can have the viewer’s mind wondering if there could really be people out there with special powers like the mutants in the movies. There are mutants that can teleport themself from one place to another and others that can produce a storm simply by thinking about it. Some mutants can even read others minds or make someone do something just by telling them to do it telepathically in their mind. These movies are definitely a great choice for one who loves sci-fi movies. Not all Marvel Comics movies are about people with super powers though. Take The Punisher for instance. He...
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