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Can sci fi change the future?
How much does science fiction shape the future of the human race? Can exploring through sci fi the possible Utopian or dystopian futures influence how society rises to the challenge of coping with our increasing rate of technological development? Can you think of things that were predicted by sci fi, and then became reality? How much did this have to do with the technology development?

What I often find fascinates me about the science fiction genre is that there are no boundaries as to what ideas it can explore. Many Sci-fi films and books examine the idea of a future in which the human race has advanced exponentially, whereby flying cars and space-aged robots are now the norm.

Whilst it is farfetched to say that science fiction has shaped the future of the human race, there are elements of the genre that have been explored in the past which can be seen in society today. The ‘Back to the Future’ series depicts a futuristic utopia in which the world has become increasingly technologically advanced. The ideas of the future which the series portrayed were seen as revolutionary. Many inventions seen throughout the film series are becoming commonplace in society today; from TV video phones to the ‘Home Energy Reactor’ that Doc Brown uses as fuel to run the DeLorean (the modern day version is known as ‘BioFuel’) to facial recognition systems (which are now even available on the iPhone!) It is hard to argue that these inventions have not come about through technological development, and whilst we are still a ways away from reaching the utopian heights depicted in the film, I feel it is safe the to say that such a film has had an impact on shaping the present day.

Conversely, sci-fi has on many occasions challenged the utopian ideals that films such as ‘Back to the Future’ portray. One notable example is Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner.’ The film depicts a world in which capitalism reigns supreme. The “urban sublime” of Los Angeles...
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