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Schools as Organisations Unit1

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Schools as Organisations Unit1
Unit 1 Schools as Organisations

Task 1-5.1/1-5.2 Explain why schools have policies and procedures, and then write a brief summary of the policies and procedures in school relating to the following:

All schools need policies and procedures so that governors,staff,children and parents involved in the school are able to work to the same set of rules and guidelines. Every policy and procedure should and will outline its aims,purpose and responsibilities the staff will have.

A) Staff
Staff have five main policies relating to them: Performance Management Policy, Pay Policy , Grievance Policy,Marking Policy and Health and Safety Policy. These policies are put in place to protect the staff's welfare and rights within the school , and explain the schools expectations.

B) Pupil welfare
The policies affecting pupil welfare within the school are: Safeguarding Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Behaviour Management Policy, Attendance Policy, Drugs Awareness Policy, Anti-bullying Policy, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education Policy. These policies are to outline what the school expects of them and to outline the protection put in place to safeguard the child in schools.Task 1-5.3

Evaluate how policies and procedures may be developed and communicated.

Schools need to ensure not only that policies are in place, but also that they are revised and updated on a regular basis. It is likely that each policy will be dated and also have a date for its revision. There are a large number of ‘model’ policies available through local education authorities as well as through the internet to assist schools in drawing them up, as this can be a time consuming process. Depending on the policy, the schools senior management team or person responsible for a curriculum area (for example, the literacy co-ordinator) may draft a policy and then have it checked by other staff during a staff meeting. It will then need to be agreed or ratified by the governing body before it takes effect. Although you will not be required to know the contents of every school policy, in particular regarding the:
Safeguarding policy
Health and safety policy
Behaviour management policy.

c) Teaching and Learning
There are quite a few policies affecting the teaching and learning within schools. These include: Teaching and Learning Policy, Early Years Policy, Curriculum Policy, Homework Policy, Special Educational Needs Policy, Planning and Assessment Policy, Gifted and Talented Policy and Inclusion Policy. These policies are put into place to ensure all children have equal access to the curriculum, and that learning is differentiated to suit each individuals needs.

d) Equality, diversity and inclusion
The following policies are to ensure that all children regardless of their background, race, religion, beliefs and abilities are treated the same and have equal access to all of the curriculum. These being Equal Opportunities Policy, Inclusion Policy, Race Equality and Cultural Diversity Policy, Disability and Access Policy.

e) Parental engagement
Parental engagement is thought to have major significance on a child’s well-being, learning and development and therefore schools have the following policies in place: Attendance Policy, Homework Policy and Home School Agreement Policy. These are to ensure that parents understand the schools responsibilities and the schools expectations of them and their child.

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