Task E5

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Assignment 302 Schools as organisations

Task EComplete questions and prepare presentation/leaflet

1. The candidate is required to research and identify the written policies in place for a school that they are familiar with and prepare a list of these .
We have a full range of policies and procedures in place at our school.. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy:
Child Protection
Other Policies:
Acceptable Use Policy - Internet & Social Media
Anti-bullying Policy
Behaviour Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Early Years Foundation Stage
E-Safety Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Home School Agreement
Pupil Attendance Policy
Pupil Premium
SEN Policy
Teaching and Learning

For each policy, the candidate will give an example of a practical situation where the policy could protect the school, its staff or its children.

2. The candidate is required to prepare a presentation or information leaflet for parents on the key written policies identified.

The presentation or information leaflet should focus on the information that parents need without overwhelming them with excessive detail.

3. The candidate is required to explain, with examples, how school policies and procedures are developed and communicated.

Schools need to ensure that polices are in place and regularly revised and updated. Each policy will be dated and have a date for its revision. There are model policies available on the internet through local education authorities to assist the schools in drawing them up as this can be a time consuming process. Depending on the policy, the person responsible for a curriculum area (for example, the numeracy coordinator) may produce a draft policy and then have it checked by other staff during a meeting. It will then need to be agreed or ratified by the governing body before it takes effect.

Although staff will not be required to know the contents...
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