302 School as Organisation

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Assignment 302 Schools as organisations

Assignment overview

This assignment is intended to provide evidence of a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of schools as organisations. By completing all tasks within the assignment, the candidate will provide evidence that meets the Learning Outcomes and assessment criteria of Unit 302, Schools as organisations.

This is a summary of the evidence required for the unit.


|A |Complete questions, prepare presentation / leaflet and design poster | |B |Complete chart, job description and table | |C |Complete question | |D |Complete question and design leaflet | |F |Complete questions |

Task A Complete questions, prepare presentation

For each category, the candidate should prepare brief notes about the way in which they are owned, managed and financed, and the curriculum they are required to follow.

|Categories of School |Details | |1.Foundation and Trust School |Foundation schools are run by their own governing body | | |The governing body employs the staff and sets the admissions | | |criteria | | |A Trust school is a type of foundation school which forms a | | |charitable trust with an outside partner aiming to raise standards | | |and explore new ways of working | |2.Mainstream state schools |Mainstream state schools offer free places for children between ages| | |of five and 16 | | |Many schools have a reception year for four year olds. | | |Children leave at the age of 11, moving on to secondary school | | |Most state schools admit both boys and girls, though some are | | |single-sex | | |The four main types of state school all receive funding from local | | |authorities. | | |They follow the national Curriculum and are regularly inspected by | | |Ofsted. | |3.Independent schools |Independent schools set their own curriculum and admissions policies| | |They are funded by fees paid by...
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