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Topics: Education, School uniform, Dress code Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Public School Uniforms

Do you ever wonder why people don’t brag about what they wear? Maybe they have nothing to wear, have you thought about that. Or maybe they can’t afford clothes that are in style. Or maybe, just maybe, they don’t like being judged or bullied by what they wear. So don’t come to conclusion once you see someone different, give them a chance.

My opinion on uniforms is a must. Kids and teens are being bullied and labeled daily because of what they wear. And what they look like. This is not fair. It has got to change. Kids commit suicide because of bullying, and i think clothing is a strong portion of why they do commit suicide.

Statistics show that 10% of public schools in the U.S have adopted uniforms. Uniforms make kids focus more on learning , and reduce peer pressure(competition). It helps kids increase their school pride, it also creates less distractions. Uniforms create a more work-like atmosphere for the future. In the first year of wearing school uniforms their was 43% reduction in suspensions, 54% fewer fights, and 70% reduction in substance abuse.

Although not everyone thinks wearing school uniforms are a better option, they are. Take this as an example putting on the school uniform signals the kid that they are going to school just like their dad dresses up for work. Schools report that when students dress in ‘work clothes’ and not ‘play clothes’ they take school more seriously. Also people don’t think it’s right because it goes against the freedom of expression, but really today children don’t get disciplined at all by parents. Parent refuse to discipline their kids these days, and that make the teachers job harder. Put 25-30 kids in one room half disciplined and half not, that’s uncontrollable.

In addition school uniforms are a bargain. They are far less expensive than other clothes like designer and other brand names. Also school uniforms last longer because they are created to be worm and washed repeatedly....
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