School Uniforms

Topics: Education, Bullying, Clothing Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: April 25, 2010
In the past school uniforms were worn predominantly by students in private schools. Recently, school uniforms have begun to emerge in public schools. To defend the reasoning behind the uniforms, board members of the school districts have conjured many ridiculous claims. One is that students will cut down on teasing and bullying about clothing. Another point is that uniforms will save money on clothes. One more claim is that schools will be safer from outsiders and that uniforms will improve on academic performance. To start, I would like to begin with the claim: Uniforms will cut teasing and bullying in schools. I am all for stopping bullies in schools, but to think dressing every student the same will stop the bullying is preposterous. Students will find many other ways to still tease each other. If not the clothes maybe a student’s hair style may be targeted. If not the hair maybe their weight, height, odor, pre-adolescent changes, and the list goes on. In addition to the previous mentioned claim another one is uniforms will save money on clothes. The reasoning behind this claim is that parents will no longer feel obligated to buy the latest fashion for their child. Wearing the latest fashion may help the child fit in school better, but is that really necessary? Instead of buying the latest fashion so the child can fit in, teach him/her that standing out from the crowd is better than following others. Furthermore school officials claim that school uniforms will improve on academic performance. How would uniforms improve academic performance? If anything I would say academic performance will be compromised. Uniforms are uncomfortable to wear. If a student is uncomfortable, this will decrease his/her concentration on schoolwork. Besides if students are uncomfortable they will start more conflicts because they are tired and irritated from the clothing. The last claim made by school officials is that uniforms will help spot out outsiders who do not...
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